Tuesday, January 10, 2012

unimaginable grace

forgive me for going all emo on you, but 
i read this today and just had to share it.
(thanks, scott!)

go there.
take 5 minutes, read it, and let this sink in. 

such an unimaginable tragedy, yet so inspiring.
i pray that i can handle the losses and challenges in my life with as much grace and love as this woman does hers. 
just a little reminder to be present today.
to be grateful today.
to be aware, focused, and dedicated today.
we really are all miracles, and i feel fortunate to get to share this story with you. 

thank you so much for reading anything i write.

service is so very important, and its easy for all of us to slip into our daily routines without a second thought of helping another; if you're like me, getting through the day 
can often be hard enough.

*how exactly does one be a grown up? fitting in the workouts, showering (!!!), paying bills, working (is your career even your true passion?!), eating, drinking (and drinking...), playing, reading, martha stewart-ing my house (haaaaaa.), crafting, gifting, planning, following through (or more often than not, unfortunately, missing out), reading, writing, stressing, traveling, family, friends, faith?...*

but if not now, when?
i think now is the perfect opportunity to stop, think about how you can help someone else, and act on it.


do something with the unique gifts that only you have. 
you were designed for greatness... 
share that light with the world.  

"small acts of kindness" are only small to some... i can tell you from being on the receiving end of so many blessings and so much kindness recently, that what may seem like a small gift to one person, can be monumental to another. 

take a deep breath, sit in the sunshine, enjoy a glass of wine (or coffee!), a beautiful meal, give a hug--a really BIG one--or ask for one, play with your pet, play with your kids, take a walk, take a drive, create something, go to bed early...

and be grateful for it all.
even the hard stuff.
especially the hard stuff.
at least we're here, getting to feel it and experience it. 

then think about how you can do even a very small thing 




i promise it will feel wonderful. 

i hope you have a beautiful day. 

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