Wednesday, January 11, 2012

lately, lily

when you were little, did you pretend you were traveling all over the world, having adventures, seeing all kinds of amazing things, and meeting many different kinds of wonderful new friends?

i sure did.

well it seems lucky lily gets to live this dream... 
and we get to live vicariously through her.
(and her seriously talented folks!)

i have a serious design crush going on...

their website is insanely creative, colorful, and fun.
 it chronicles lily's adventures around the globe with her best friend zeborah & her "sunny yellow suitcase" in tow. 

(i can't wait 'til the girls are around to show them!)

best of all, they've created adorable cotton tees featuring art inspired by their travels that you can purchase on the site!
they're made right here in sunny soCal. 
now your little dreamer can rock a super-soft, adorable tee that doesn't have the stereotypical princess or other 
character-y types on it... ewww. 
(i'm not a fan. just sayin'.)

there are more on the site. 
i can't choose a favorite. 

lily, welcome to our world... 
or should we welcome ourselves to yours?! 
looking forward to sharing more adventures with you soon!

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