Friday, January 20, 2012

lean mean clean green machine

i'm not great at new year's resolutions. 
hell, i have a hard time with regular change, 
let alone following through on grand plans. 

but alas, i try.

after everyone was sick in my house over the holidays 
(and is again, currently), 
and of course after too much indulgence and not enough exercise during the month of septobernovcember, 
i am desperately seeking a leaner, cleaner physique. 
inside and out.

thus, the cleanse.

everyone and their sister in los angeles is on one.
juicing, cleansing, fasting... living on air and sunshine.
and water.
tons of water.
i've been checking out different types of cleanses for months now, and i think i am finally settled on this one.

i've been eating "clean" for about 2 weeks, with slip ups here and there due to two little ones' birthdays, and the delicious cake & cupcake baking/"tasting" that was involved...
but its time to get serious. 

my amazing sister has been doing this series, 30 in 30, 
where she set a goal to do 30 workouts in 30 days this month, 
at 30 minutes a day, minimum. while she was here over the holidays i got the grand idea to do it with her; 
"its only 30 minutes a day, how hard can it be?"... 
turns out, its harder than you'd think.
especially when your family is sick, you turn another year older, your babies turn another year older, & you have house guests. 
and your dog dies. 
methinks its time to pull my head out of my arse and 
move on


not only am i starting my own personal 30 in 30, i'm also doing the cleanse. 
starting with these green power smoothies....

*dislcaimer: i am fresh from a workout and makeupless... my kids are running around playing in the background... 
i am not a professional. obvs.

while this wasn't a complete success, i'm working on the perfect 
green smoothie recipe. 
until i find it, i think tomorrow calls for berry smoothies for breakfast, butternut squash soup for lunch, & then the kale slaw with red cabbage salad for dinner. 

yum yum. 

ps. seriously. have you tried any cleanses, juice fasts, etc? 
i would love to hear about your experience! 


  1. Good Luck, Molly!
    This is so near and dear to me right now, I will probably now ramble about my personal do's and don'ts (and I just realized I don't know how to punctuate the word don't's).

    My experience is this -
    1) immediate gratification in the sleep dept. I wasn't aware I had been getting crappy sleep, but now... Sound. Waking before my alarm, just plain 'ol feeling good. Not good, Great.
    2) double (or more) some recipes, then immediately portion/bag/wrap/freeze. This cleanse requires SO much kitchen time, so once I found a few (which is most) recipes I like, I make big batches and freeze individual servings. So easy, and the convenience of having the meals ready eliminates my opportunity to cheat!
    3) I cheated. I had beer in week 2 (slept like shit after as punishment), and a few glasses of wine scattered throughout this week while on vaca. Since alcohol is reality, so I'm not going to TOTally deny moving forward, I did really well at first and that's good enough for me. I can find satisfaction with the significantly lower intake I've achieved already. A girl's gotta have her red, now it's just not every single day. We'll see if that lasts.
    4) Ending week 2, I have lost 7 pounds. What?! I'm steady at 7 still (blame it on the alcohol?)
    but wow, talk about motivation to keep going, I think of what I accomplished in 2 tiny weeks - one of which I was traveling across country, frozen meals in tow! - and I am never really hungry, I eat frequently, love the foods, look forward to meals, and love and how it makes me feel.

    I could go on forever. I am so thrilled to be doing this, and happy I took the time to try it. I think about it all the time, and i'm planning on doing week 4 (which was not an option in my mind when I started), and intend to adopt these habits permanently. I started eating "mostly clean" in late November but this cleanse has taken it to a whole new level. I hope you have the same experience!!!

    I will have to watch your video on my phone (work computer limits flash); I did not try the green smoothie (but my neighbor had some choice words about it). Trust me, it will only get better from there!
    Keep writing about your cleanse!

    take care, Sara.

  2. Sara--
    Thank you!!! This is immensely helpful; did you do the same cleanse I am doing?! If not, I'd love to know which one you chose. Thanks for the encouragement; so good to know its worked so well for you! Honestly, I'm on day 3 and I already feel "lighter". Thanks again! xo

  3. I'm not on the cleanse you're doing, but I enjoy the Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method. While I can't keep up with all the foods, here is the smoothie I've been eating every morning since mid-August:

    1 cup frozen blueberries
    3-4 frozen strawberries
    2 Tbsp ground flax
    1 cup fat-free Greek yoghurt
    2 cups raw spinach (or kale)
    1 packet of Emergen-C (acai berry)
    1.5 cups of Odwalla Superfood (or OJ)
    1/2 an Avacado

    So, I guess it's mostly green. But after putting it all in the blender, you can't even taste the spinach! Sometimes I put in banana, steamed apples, chia seeds, raspberries, blackberries and cucumbers. Pretty much whatever I have that is fresh and can go in the blender. It looks disgusting, but my girls will drink it. When my students asked me what I was drinking every morning and I told them, they couldn't believe it. Sounds gross, but tastes great, and the 23 grams of protein in the Greek yoghurt keeps me full until lunch time.

  4. Molly, Yes, I am doing the cleanse, and I am loving it. I love that you can recycle recipes from the previous week if you just liked something that much (per their tweets, this is allowed), and I love that they allow foods that are hearty, filling, and typically stuff I avoid b/c they're higher in calories, like avocados & nuts. I hope you make the pistachio stuffed dates, they are ridonk (raw pistachios, I accidentally did a batch with roasted ones, and while still yummy, it looked like poo). It's a lot of store time and prep time, but I think it's worth every minute / penny. You must have good markets out there, and I am so grateful for DeKalb Farmer's Mkt!!!

  5. you are SO hilarious....i loved the video for a good molly fix! soooo impressed with your cleanse...i'm going to ask you for tips when i EVER get around to doing one. good luck - mwah! xo