Wednesday, January 4, 2012

rose bowl part 1

prepare yourselves for an image-heavy post.
(heavier than usual!)

one week ago today we attended our first (live) rose bowl parade, 
and i took eleventybillion photos. 
it was so magical!
we weren't sure what to expect as far as traffic, seating, whether or buy the bleacher seats, etc. 
but we live by the seat of our pants around here, so we gave it a go.

there were people eight to ten deep all along the 5 mile route! 
it was madness.

i have such love for any military bands/floats in a parade... 
or on the street... or anywhere!

aaaaaaand now i need a mini horse. need!

we had the lucky fortune to be asked to sit in the front row, and let me tell you, seeing the gorgeous floral magic up close is incredible!

american soldier, actor, & inspiration j.r. martinez was 
this year's grand marshall. 

the dancers on this float were disney-larious. 

the rose court! 
they were working their elbow-wrist action...
and all i could think was 
remember when donna was on rose court?!
apparently its not a party without 
medieval times!
they are hilarious. and very serious.

one of my favorites. gorgeous. 

real smoke & lava came out of this volcano;
so rad!

lord how i do love a man in a kilt.
smoking dragon!
another one of my faves, and official record-holder for the longest float; there was water up there behind the glass, & the dogs were surfing! 

we all had such a blast; it was a magical morning!
i'll show you the rest in a separate post.
(yes, there's more...)

side note:
did any of you watch this season opener last night?!
yeah. i was up til 1am. 
it was glorious, and like any good addict, i want more. 
like yesterday. 
thus i shall be speaking in olde english 
for the remainder of the day. 


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