Wednesday, January 11, 2012

up with people

happy wednesday, sunshine.
i need a mid-week pick-me-up. 

in lieu of giving you jan brady singing "sunshine day",
(i think i watched the movie, stoned, in high school, not old enough to see the original, thank you... although i'm pretty sure i choreographed a routine for my brother to dance this with me to. bygones...)

i give you

daft. punk.
(give it a minute, the intro is a tad too long. its worth it.)

awedorable, no?
(awesome AND adorable. on purpose.)


how awesome is this girl?!
so beautiful and brave. 

don't you just love how these kids are in that music, every second?! 
not a judgement, a sideways glance, or even a second of anything but 
be sure to watch the little interview afterwards.


saw this on twitter via the bloggess last night. 
you may have seen it, too.
but if not...

so fun.
happy day!

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