Tuesday, January 3, 2012

love letter for birdie

three years ago, on new years eve, i was dancing with my IV pole in labor with this one. 
(literally. dave has photos to prove it.)

it was the beginning of a new chapter in the love affair with my girls. my life.
i mean, look at them. 

months ago, i wrote a love letter to bunny, and had been waiting for the right time to write one for birdie, too. 
she turned three this past sunday (new years day!), 
and i couldn't think of a better time.

my sweet sunshine!
you came into this world 3 weeks early and ready to party.
you've been dancing through your days ever since. 
your beautiful spirit invite those around you to dance with you. 
we can't help ourselves. 
you are insanely gorgeous, with blue eyes that go on forever, and the most perfectly adorable face; people stop me on the street every day and marvel at how amazing you are. 
i know!!!
one of my favorite things to do is to watch you;
so fascinated with the world around you, so curious and fearless and intent on discovering everything
("i do by SELF!")
when learning to walk, you would go up and down a step over and over again until you not only mastered the walking part, 
but the running and jumping of the step, too! 
keep that up. don't expect people to do things for you 
(because they will want to, you little charmer), 
yet learn to accept help when you may need it. 
its ok to not be so big. 

you love chocolate. 
and sweets. 
and music, dress-up, dancing, running, and playing... 
i feel it in my bones that you have a musical gift; ever since your earliest days, you could recognize a song from only one or two (musical) bars that you may have heard only once. 
and you have absolutely perfect pitch. 
coming around a corner to find you singing when you don't know anyone's listening is one of my favorite experiences in the world. 
you, living for the attention and love (and tickles!!!) from your mama is, of course, another favorite.
how did i get so lucky?!

being a second child, you were initially a little more laid-back about getting attention... 
then you learned to yell and show off. 
this actually makes my heart sing, because i adore your sweet smile and your "hello! i'm right here!" attitude. 
make your voice heard, honey. you have important things to say!
early on you would often ask me "are you happy, mama?"...
so precious. 
thank you for being so concerned about everyone else's happiness, my sweet angel; just don't let it consume you.
you are such a gift; you are enough. 
God made you so beautifully well. 
you are so smart, and so very important!
please don't ever forget that for a second. 
you will make your mark on this world the way only you can.
i love you so much i want to make tshirts about it. 
i'm going to really have to try and not be the mom who follows you, my baby girl, to college, begging to stay and make window treatments for your room, or virgin daiquiris so your friends will think i'm cool. 
but really, so you'll think i'm cool. 
i love you so much it makes me want to burst!
thank you for all of the love and happiness you bring me every single day. you continue to blow me away with your intelligence, your concern for others, your love for life, and your fierce love for our family.
i pray we can tickle, laugh, play, sing, and of course, dance our way through this life together...
and although you may not want to hold my hand in the parking lot because "you're such a big girl", 
i'll always be walking just one step behind, 
just in case you change your mind. 


ps... just in case you were wondering what a casual b'day is in my house...
every year on their birthday, the girls awaken to a room full of balloons! a fun, affordable tradition that we will always do. 
(again. sending balloons in boxes when they're in college.
 unless of course i can convince the roommate to blow some up...)

happy birthday, sweet girl. 

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  1. I would like to awaken to a room full of balloons at least once a month. What a mood lifter!



    Rebecca June