Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the call

so last week i mentioned that ailey had the opportunity to be a part of an important short film; i'm delighted to have five minutes in my life tonight to fill you in! 

the film is entitled "the call", and it is a short film intended for use as an educational tool at festivals and in schools to send an anti-smoking message to kids. 
ailey plays the younger version (in a flashback) 
of the main character becky, who is played by 
disney star ryan newman. 
this is ailey with the wonderful director, stephen messer. 
 the weather couldn't have been more gorgeous 
(really? december? love it!)
and the crew more laid back. 
 we shot on will rogers beach in the pacific palisades, 
in between santa monica and malibu. 
the sunset was insane!
 this was easily the most relaxed, easy going and enjoyable project she's worked on yet. 
(the fact that it was barely half a day had a lot to do with it; we were on life as we know it almost every day for over 6 weeks!)
 ailey, grandpa & asher playing in the waves.
asher's little brother max was so good! such a cutie.
people never get to see the hard workin' mamas and papas off camera, keeping their little ones occupied by any means necessary...i've so been there! 
(jordan, i can't believe i didn't get any photos of you! photo fail.)
 the kids did such an awesome job, 
(adorable asher played ailey's "brother", he's a doll!)
and ailey would have gladly stayed on set all day!

 "work"? really?
 thank goodness my amazing sister was there!
birdie loves her aunt kate. 
so do i.
(um, you can come back now, k?)

 asher & ailey with "grandpa"
...played by menahem zilberman. 

i'm so excited to see the end result. i know many talented people are working on this project! 
like the call on fb for more updates... 
and of course i'll fill you in as i know more. 


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