Friday, January 6, 2012

kelly fois deux

do you read the glamourai?
kelly framel is a new york blogger, jewelry designer, 
stylist, consultant, & model with gorgeous looks 
& unique imitable style to boot.

her blog is a daily read of mine, and i find myself constantly inspired by her style and presentation. 
small surprises and thoughtful, intentional dressing  
(or "costumery" as she so rightly puts it) 
abound with every click.  

i mean, a girl whose christmas tree looks like this?
we likey. 

kelly recently had the lucky opportunity to spend a long weekend at the malibu beach house of one of my fave interior designers (recently turned clothing and jewelry designer as well)...
kelly wearstler. 

today's post by the glamourai recaps that weekend 
(what can i say? i'm a sucker for beautiful scenery, 
photography, interiors and fashion. 
not to mention those gorgeous cinema graphs!)

pop on over and check it out; it just may take your breath away. 

(all photos by kelly framel & jeremy james via the glamourai)


  1. One of my favorite blogs.. Each post she does is such a treat! xx

  2. nice look !

  3. I know, right?! She's fabulous. And clearly, so are you! ;) xo