Thursday, June 2, 2011

la dolce vita

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a few days ago i was doing my usual multitasking:
flipping through a magazine while half-watching something on tv while working on my laptop in bed, 
when i came across this gorgeous photo story 
that took my breath away. 

shot by the brilliant and accomplished 
peter lindbergh, days in portofino recalls a bygone era in stunning black and white photographs, featuring many familiar faces. 
while this is, in essence, an advertisement for the luxury timepiece brand IWC, it had me at "ciao".

the photographs immediately drew me in, 
tugging at my innermost longing for the 
glamour and romance of a classic italian getaway.

and also, perhaps, for the company of a certain shirtless eric dane...
you're welcome, thursday.
matthew fox is looking quite debonair as well.
who doesn't adore cate & kevin?!
this one's for you, jenny
and oh, portofino. 
a fine sight to behold in and of itself.
la dolce vita, indeed.


*a few weeks ago in los angeles, a one-night-only reception was held for mr. lindbergh and this spectacular collection of photographs. 
haute living has the story. 

*view the full collection of photographs and more information on peter lindbergh and IWC here.

*i know this season is all about the 70's, but all of this 50's talk has me remembering marc jacobs for louis vuitton a couple of years ago...

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...and has me pining for something sweet, select, sexy, & sophisticated. 
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(via eyefordetail)

or maybe just a piece of the past to add to
my more modern wardrobe.
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at the very least, a fabulous tuscan holiday
(hey, its on giltgroupe!)

forse, forse, forse.


1 comment:

  1. dude. cate forever!

    eric dane is stupid hot.
    and what a crazy group of people...
    elle macpherson, bruce springsteen, the asian dude from star trek?

    i long to go to italy too...