Wednesday, June 15, 2011

more more more resort!

i can't stop thinking about it... 
and i can't stop looking at just as incredible work from some other designers.

gucci, for example:

 fabulous, very gucci, with a fun twist.

 obsessed with this lilac! i want it!
 color blocking genius.
beautiful pieces, typical basics, with luxurious detail. i heart gucci.

my pulse quickened, however, when i got a peek 
at pucci's lineup:
that. maxi. skirt. i die.

this dress is a dream!
so long as i don't look preggers. 
but really...soooo pretty!

the photo makes me feel like i could pull this off... although i definitely consider myself more of a leopard than a zebra girl.

oh, the maxi dress. how i love you.

oh, the mini! how i adore you!
(the legs are the last to go, ladies; take advantage while you can!)

again, so long as i don't look like i'm packin--babies that is--i would snap this up in a hot minute. easy, breezy, fabulous.


my fave. 
so very blair waldorf... 
(don't judge me. 
if you know who she is you're just as guilty.)
so fabulously wearable!

or is this my fave? so fun
reminds me of one of my best girlfriends.

then, my heart stopped. 
i audibly gasped. numerous times.
oh. my. fabulous! 
ladies and gentlemen, 
i give you
naeem khan.

(i'm not kidding when i tell you that the 
kt tunstall song, suddenly i see, started playing in my head when i saw these. 
we can analyze that later, 
but it sure makes for fun captions!)
her face is a map of the world,
is a map of the world.
you can see she's a beautiful girl 
she's a beautiful girl... 
and everything around her is a silver pool of light...
the people who surround her feel the benefit of it; it makes you calm.
she holds you captivated in her palm.

suddenly i see
this is what i wanna be... 
you can see she's a beautiful girl 
she's a beautiful girl...
she fills up every corner 
like she's born in black and white
she likes to leave you hanging on her word...
(all images above via and WWD)
the epitome of luxury.
the stunner above, for example, has such gorgeous, handcrafted embroidery; it was created using 26 different colors of thread, 
and took over 1000 hours to make.
it can be yours for the cool price of about $7000.00 
hey, style has a price.
maybe it will make you feel the music, too. 



  1. holy shit those are some gorgeous frocks!!
    love me a kaftan.

  2. Zebra Barbie's thighs don't touch. That bitch.