Saturday, June 11, 2011

molly likey

every once in a while a product will catch my eye, & make me sit up and take note.

boxsal picnic boxes are definitely 
my latest find!
remember the posts i did a few weeks back on fabulous picnic-ing? this one and that one

take it in:

(and ps, molly gots big girl pictures now!)
comes with all you see here.

 "urban" picnic box:
for all you who enjoy a streetscape of 
trash & graffiti, and various body 
excrement as condiments.
 "today's date" picnic box:
for that special first date. or fiftieth!
take care to avoid ant hills, honey badger habitats, and nudist colonies. 
lets be honest: no one wants that turkey sandwich anymore when nana's 
saggy skin is...everywhere.
 think about something other than 
nana's saggy skin...
 "office escape" picnic box:
can't you just picture michael scott carrying one of these things around the office?
or, rather, DeAngelo Vickers?
 it even comes in a nifty pinstripe. 
 another shot of the "urban" box. my fave.
(all images above via boxsal)
so hipster
(anyone besides me beyond tired of hearing that word? i mean, just because i occasionally enjoy a certain style of dress, music, hair, literature...whatever, 
doesn't mean i'm boxed in. 
so to speak. 

Each Boxsal is made of Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) grade recycled paper containing 40% - 60% post-consumer waste content, and they are printed with earth-friendly inks. Open up a Boxsal and all of the items inside are recyclable and compostable. That includes the utensils, cups, napkins, plates, and even the packing supplies. All Boxsals are produced locally in Dallas, Texas and proudly printed in the US and the Lone Star State.

cool extras: the "today's date" box has a color by number situation on the front, which can help pass the time for a first date gone awry and an antsy toddler alike. 
many states have stores that carry these 
cool cardboard carriers, but alas, 
georgia is not one of them. yet. 
however, the fabulous carries them, or you can order directly 
from the boxsal website.
plus, it can hold 20+ lbs of stuff 
(now that's a picnic!) has rad artwork and 
cool paper products included, 
and can be used 10+ times! 
at the bargain price of $25, that breaks down to a mere $2.50 per use...
(that's less than your daily latte, people) 
but really, you can't put a price on style
now can you? 

here's hoping you get out and enjoy a picnic sometime this lovely weekend...

ps. i have a fabulous movie review and another party packed full of affordable DIY goodness comin your way in the next couple days!


  1. yay!! big pictures.

    that 2nd pic of the foodstuffs looks like something i would pound.