Thursday, June 30, 2011

hang in there, baby

(via etsy)

i promise, its true. 
thanks for hanging in 
for the infant stages of this blog.
you're cooler for being here
you just may not know it yet.
oh, you do? 
but things are about to get 
i'm about to haul the 
mini manse
across the country...

3 weeks, people. 

but first, i have to 
find a house 
find movers 
organize, pare down, donate, recycle, sell & pack our stuff
plan and execute a baby shower, a bridal shower, our going away cocktail and playdate parties (important stuff, y'all!)
arrange the actual "day of" fiasco
somehow say goodbye to 
my family
my friends
and my hometown
oh, and 
do it all while raising children who 
would like to enjoy their summer.
(methinks a summer camp is in order) myself.

i got this.
cause, as you can see from above, 
i am awesome.
and i have awesomeness behind me. 
so there's that.



  1. if anyone can do all that shit in 3 weeks its you.
    but i refrain from any words of encouragement bc that would mean i am happy, and i am not happy about this at all.
    at all.

  2. i must agree with jenny on this one...i am not happy at all, but am totally willing to help out with anything you need!!! 3 weeks...i am so SAD!!

  3. THANK YOU so much my Darling girls. I love you both so much it makes my heart hurt to think of leaving you. But! I'll be counting on your help to make the new pimp you can come visit! ;) xoxoxoxoxo