Tuesday, June 14, 2011

qu'en pensez-vous ?

all of this heat is making me think
resort wear.

pretty sure i need all of 
jenni kayne's 2012 collection. 

(via style.com)
sans le chapeau.

i have a positively enormous melon, and as much as i love a hat--and i do--this style in particular doesn't do me any favors.

which are your favorites? 

working on some affordable versions of some resort pieces for my own wardrobe; if i find any, of course i'll share. 

now pass me that icy beverage, s'il vous plait.


  1. me too...especially that yellow dress. i want it. and i want somewhere to wear it.

  2. isn't it amazing?! thats my fave, too. we should buy it together. then we could afford to take turns wearing it... to the gas station.