Wednesday, June 22, 2011

super secret supper club nyc

what do i love as much as, if not more, 
than acting?
(via a razor a shiny knife)
the gentlemen behind a razor a shiny knife had the forethought to combine the two.
as they say on their website, 
"a razor a shiny knife is an 
educational, social and theatrical 
culinary experience."

genius, boys. friggin genius.

if you haven't seen this already, its a MUST. 
on may first of this year, the aforementioned 
--along with a slew of fellow supper 
clubs, chefs, assistants et al.--
hosted an opulent, 6-course meal of haute cuisine for unsuspecting passengers 
on nyc's L train. 
one can only imagine the prep, timing, and skill that went into this endeavor. 
they elevated a meal from what can sometimes be a "religious experience" (for me at least)

to pure art.

have a go.

reason no. 48375001 
its amazing to live in new york.



  1. you can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!! take me wi you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wait...are you moving to new york now?

  3. no, i'm NOT moving to New York. :) I just think its awesome. xo