Tuesday, June 7, 2011


i have many skills.
cooking, baking, being creative; 
shopping, buying, traveling, luxuriating;
mommying, chauffering, doctoring, wifeying, marenting
acting, learning, partying, playing, impressioning, ridiculousing...
you get the picture.

i am not, however, necessarily skilled when it comes to 
interior design.
i'm working on it, but when one's budget requires extreme creativity, and a lot of d.i.y. love... i sometimes get lost. 
thank god i have friends who are gifted at this!
jenny, callie, erikabri, nicole, erica, i'm talking to you.

and YOU!
i have a few pieces of furniture (everything) that i am ready 
to take into the next phase of their lives. 
for some of them, that phase is a furniture farm in oklahoma, where they can run and play with other pieces of furniture... 
and for others it is up to me to breathe new life into a piece. 
i have ideas...but would love to hear yours. 

up first is an old gal in need of a serious facelift.
thanks to a tip from the fabulous aforementioned erika
i scored this lady for a mere $70 at a local goodwill. 
seventy bucks! 
thanks, erika!
  i love her lines, but would really love a modern fabric to reupholster her in; we need to balance out the frou frou factor.
i've even thought about painting the legs... black? white? 
hmmmmm. the possibilities.
my fabulous sisterwife, jenny, has incredible taste, and thus has inspired many of the wonderful breaths of modernity into my previously mostly french country home. i needed some oomph!
(must post on said items soon.) 
i still adore things aged and authentic, but i've also loved more modern styles for a while now, and just haven't known the best ways to inject them into my decor.
hollywood regency? midcentury? swedish? antique? southern glam?
when i told her what i thought i wanted, jenny suggested the following fabric, and i just love it. 

its a great knockoff of this brunschwig and fils fabric that i adore, 
and its a bazillion times cheaper.
 here is the inspiration pic we were pulling from for my living room;  isn't it fabulous? 
...but for my settee, is it too much en masse?
 hmmm, i dunno...kinda diggin' it...!
esp as a dotty injection here! bam!

or...shall i take her in this fabulous direction, a la lee?:
 (via piecesinc)
perfect white goodness gives mucho flexibility when one has design ADD...ahem. what was i saying? ooh look! something shiny!
i like the opportunity to play around with color/pillows...though i suppose we could do that with any fabric, no?

or shall i simply have it make a statement, without saying a word?

i'm thinking fun, but not ridiculous. modern, to balance off of the shape, but not too edgy.

so, unfortunately i'll have to save my stack of 
sex fabric for another project. 
(via flickr)
what do you think?
help a sista out. 
and when i finally get her all shined up and purty, 
i'll take a pic & share her with you. 

for your consideration of our next installment of wwyd:

put that in your french country pipe and smoke it.


  1. Sweet find there girly! We would've been in the Goodwill tussling like the glorious ladies of wrestling over that sofa! Remember GLO, LOL?? I love Jenny's suggestion for with the dotted fabric and you would escape like a fat rat with the reproduction fabric. I'm always going the safe route with the larger pieces, but heck occasionally I do get a wild hair. Would be nice to see the room it's going in...

    Thanks for the shoutout Lovey!

  2. Screaming over the sex fabric!!! HA!

  3. Two roads diverged in a wood. And I, I took the chevron. Seriously. big, bold chevron stripes with legs that pop would be soo sexy. Paint them... orange (orange legs are only bad on people).
    no, wiat. i took the dot. Only don't cover the legs- show off them sexy stems! Crap. I dunno. There are so many amazing options here! the dots are seriously you, though.
    And I love, love, love that a mother of two young girls, a dog owner and sister to someone who's fairly clumsy (me, not C) would consider white as an option. You give me hope.
    If you're DIYing yourself, call me & we'll party.

  4. i freaking love your posts. the french country pipe line has me rolling!! ok, let's get down to business. love the black/white fabric...but if it were me, i would do something with a bigger print to REALLY balance out the frou frou. like a super big, wide, chevron print. like a soft blue and white chevvie and then paint the legs lacquered black. very domino, no? that's just the first thing that came to mind when i saw that piece - but good lord, $70?!?! go molly!!!!! and the sex fabric - hilar.

  5. I luff the dots fabric, I have some stuff I upholstered in that same fabric and it looks awesome. If you is not willing to commit to something that bold then perhaps a simple white linen.

    But if you want people to come over and say " Now here lives a cool as motherf*cker"! I'd go with a bold color or dots fabric.

    I am looking into getting a sofa upholstered in a lavender velvet. What can I say, I like living on the edge.

  6. holy crap! SIX comments! we've reached an all-time (ya know, like a couple months here) high at P&C! woohoooo! ;) Thanks, ladies! you all officially kick ass. Even more. Bri--LOVE the lavender velvet! Jenny & I were at an antiques market recently & SHE got some, too! its gorge. You both, clearly, have amazing taste. its a lovefest! Thanks everyone--will post when I complete her extreme makeover! xo