Tuesday, June 21, 2011

me time

happy monday!
so this weekend was all

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...but you know, with kids around. 
most of the time.
today i'm all

but! instead of moping i'm going to treat myself to some much-needed me time.
its crucial, you know.
when was the last time you 
turned off the cellie, 
turned on a gorgeous symphony, 
slipped into a hot bath 
bubbling with deliciousness 
and enjoyed a glass of cold champagne?

that's what i thought.
go run the water. 
now would be good.

to properly illustrate:

me time

another fun treat you can whip up in the comfort of your casa, no credit card required?
(unlike some of the above splurges!)

a brown sugar scrub
(via thegloss)
i made my version a few days ago, and it is 
positively delish!
scour your pantry for the following, 
then get to scrubbin'!

(note: the recipe can obvs be halved if you don't have enough, like i did :)

*4c brown sugar 
(turbinado if you really don't want no scrubs)
*4c kosher salt
*1c finely ground almond or apricot meal, 
or oatmeal
*1/2c honey
*1/2c almond oil or apricot kernel oil
*5-10 drops vitamin e oil
*optionals: fragrance, sunflower oil, and 2T. avocado, shea, or cocoa butter

*spoon into your fave container--be careful with glass in your bath!--allow scrub to sit overnight after an additional 1/2c almond or apricot kernel oil is added, and enjoy! 
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ps. if this is just too much, you can certainly create a budget 
(on time and $) 
version in a pinch!

*1c brown sugar of your choice
*5-6T. oil of your choice 
*1-2tsp. vanilla
(i have used olive, jojoba and even sunflower)
super easy! 

the point is to treat yourself.
i certainly plan to.
i've got a busy week ahead.
off to get my beauty sleep, lovers!


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