Friday, June 17, 2011

papa, can you hear me?

...cause i come bearing gifts!
ideas, that is.
(via condenaststore)
stuck on what to get daddy for the big day? 
here are some fabulous last minute
(overnight shipping, much?!)
items any papa would be proud to preach... about.

a dilf paperweight! if you have to ask what a dilf is, you don't need to buy this gift.
(via napastyle via dailycandy)
for the guy who grills--and for those of us who can only afford to buy him a different version of the same gift we gave at age nine--give these red oak planks a go.

 for the daddy-o with a sense of humor;
i adore these glossy canisters. 
add a dash of style to his bathroom or closet, while also saying "i'm ok with your occasional pot-smoking because i do it too".

(via jonathanadler again.)
this says "thanks for being the open-minded sort of father who disapproves of me regardless of my sexual orientation."
and would also look killer on my couch.

(via forage)
i love a bowtie...
just make sure if you get one, 
its for a daddy with somewhat substantial sartorial chops
the aim is more humphrey bogart, 
less barney fife.

(via etsy)
 nothing says "happy fathers day to a dad with a boyfriend much hotter than mine"
better than a stylish murse. 
wouldn't you agree?
(via amazon)

for the eco-chic dad; a hand-carved wooden keyboard & mouse. cool!

what do you say we forgo the expected, every day, run-of-the-mill "slippers" gift, and give him one of these pairs instead?

stubbs and wootton, one of the best-known and most well-respected handcrafters of european slippers, has some fun, tongue-in-cheek designs. just the way to say "daddy, i'm still not above competing for your love."

or, you can go on their website, navigate your way into bespoke territory, & have papa's monogram embroidered in 18-karat gold wire, 
if you like. 

so you're down for the luxury, 
but desire a gift with more...balls?
(via thatsenuff)
why not take dear old dad to the world series? luxury accommodations, behind the scenes tours, meet and greets, autographed souvenirs are yours for the taking. go here for more.

(image via pinterest)
every father could use a good stiff drink.
especially if he fathered you.
most likely he gave you your first sip o' the sauce, so the least you can do is 
return the favor. 

whether he prefers classic tuneage 
(with a twist),
or a more modern approach,
dad will appreciate a new listening method. 
and these are awesome options.
they also somehow say "you're the best weekend dad ever; thanks for living your hairband dreams" without saying a word.

if you're someone with an unlimited budget, here's my ultimate gift suggestion: 
that, my friends, is a 1956 jaguar xk140 roadster. she's a beaut', eh? the price is unlisted so you know it ain't peanuts. 
its my dream car. (ahem, one of them.)

or better still, go for the "bargain" buy at around $47k and get one that's been a little less loved...
...and fix her up together. 
she could be glorious.

alright, so we aren't all made of money
--like dad always said--
so why not give him a piece of the roadster dream at a fraction of the sticker:
(via yup, you guessed it, jonathanadler)

and if all else fails, cook him a burger, crack open a cold one, and spend an afternoon 
talking to your father. 
time is a very precious thing, and we never know how much we'll have. 
happy father's day!


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