Wednesday, June 22, 2011

...who lived in her shoes

house hunting is a bitch.
more specifically, house hunting in southern california is a real bitch.
looks like i could end up the little 
(ahem, young) lady who lived in her shoes.
(above images via the fabulous netaporter)

actually, if we could get a tub in there, maybe blow out a wall for a fab waterworks piece?...

as i tweeted yesterday, 
i often read a listing that says things like "the house boasts stunning interiors" 
(a complete dump. pass.)

is "charming" 
(aka the size of my uterus, which, even after two kids, i assure you, is eeesny),

"has been recently updated" 
(not since the Nixon era, and I wasn't even born then. come on, people.)

or is "bright" 
(lit with so much florescent crap it would make JLo look like amy winehouse.)

when it ain't. 

started to get uber frustrated with it all...but then i saw this little piece of comedic genius, and she just made my DAY.

there is light at the end of the tunnel, friends; just don't want to jinx anything! 
more on that soon.



  1. you are sooooooooooo BRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST LAUGHED MY ARSE OFF.

  2. Does that mean your not gonna be in Atlanta anymore when I go down their for a day of furniture raping with Jenny?????

  3. kinda. so bri, you better just get your ass down here, sister! we shall pillage together. :) and if i'm not "living" here, i will visit!!! for you? for jenny? DONE!