Wednesday, August 10, 2011

delightful distractions

each time i move, amid the crazed frenzy of unpacking, reorganizing, and decorating the new space, 
i inevitably experience these moments when i feel like 
if i don't get out of the house, 
i'm going to spontaneously combust. 
its also kind of difficult to resist going out to play 
when you're in a city as fun as los angeles, 
with weather as gorgeous as its been lately.
suffice it to say i'm relishing in my procrastination. 

here are but a few of the delightful distractions 
i'm enjoying lately...
the girls riding the ponies at griffith park
we've been four times already. 
 small in size, big on style. 
birdie's new shoes.
 enjoying beautiful flowers brought home by my husband. 
(so fun to get to enjoy things like this after previously being apart for so long!)
 ghost jellies, spotted at the cabrillo marine aquarium.
watching them watch him.
when daddy goes to work, its a big to do. 
but...they get to watch him. in person. and say goodbye. 
and see him again in a few hours. 

last week i had dinner here with an old friend from high school who i've kept in touch with over the years, and who has been based in CA for years now; it was delicious. 
this photo is of the 405 at about 12:30am. what the what?! 
even worse: i enjoyed it
after wanting to live here for forever, it feels good to say 
"i'm stuck in traffic on the 405." i'm sure it will fade, 
but still... :)
 getting things together at the house; slowly but surely. 
the list of "things i need" is growing, but until i have just the perfect table, i put together a little makeshift entry.
fresh flowers from the garden, a lightly scented candle, and a place to drop keys & mail keep things cozy and put together. 
 cannot get over how no matter where i go, this is my view. 
so incredible!
i've literally had a moment every day when i've been sitting in my car screaming with excitement about being here.
i give you...the honey badger. 
best tshirt ever? 
so totally thoughtful of a new friend who lives across the world to order one for & send to me as a surprise?!
(bc you've all seen this, yes?!)
looooves it. 
(and you, a. thank you!)
i'm loving cooking real meals again.
and eating in our lovely garden makes it even more special.
(i realize how annoying my giddiness is, i really do. 
but still.)

a little piece of awesomeness i discovered while card-shopping 
at target. 
because i love gingers who were once in the marching band.

 gorgeous asian elephants at the la zoo. enough said.
spelunking! well. sort of.
and...i hate to say it...but i'm totally in love 
with in-n-out burger! 
obvs i can't have it often, but when i do...
ps. i'm pretty sure it saved my life this past saturday after a superfun date night at ucb

all this running around is kinda killing us, though. 
we can't live in squalor forever.
its back to work tomorrow.
until cocktail hour, at least. 
then i have to prepare for my first ever experience at the rose bowl flea this sunday!
i can't wait. 
there is major prep involved. and i will be up early. 
its business time.


  1. love your pics! keep 'em coming. reliving my 25-29 age bracket thru you :)

  2. That birdie is so stylish! Love the pics and the commentary - and love you!

  3. SO fun!!!! love it all and you captured it beautifully. what else would i expect though! your entryway is the cutest thing EVA. xoxo

  4. HE brought you flowers! YAY!
    Totally unrelated: I am SUPER happy to see the entry; it is so you, so normal, so like being there.