Wednesday, August 24, 2011

keepin it RILL.

i was really torn about posting this because, well, this girl acts like a total moron, and i truly believe her existence alone takes the womens' movement back at least 100 years. 
but then i remembered that i am an educator, and that it is my duty to show you this horror in the hopes that we can begin taking the necessary steps to eradicate this kind of behavior in our great nation's youth. 
or, at the very least, help save just one girl considering her future as the next 
courtney stoddenkardashianmontag.  

there are almost no words. almost. 
it actually breaks my heart as much as disgusts me.

anderson cooper says it better than i could, 
and without vomiting in the process. 
or laughing hysterically and throwing things at their faces. 

wow. right? 
scary as hell. 
funny only if it weren't so...rill. 
he nails it. 

my mama sent me a really interesting article written by lisa bloom in regards to the very subject of the future of our girls, based on how we talk to them, and the culture we've created, obsessed with appearance and youth. 
its a quick, to the point read, but well worth your time. 
go here and check it out for yourself. 

i'd love to hear some of your thoughts on all this...



  1. coooooop!!!

    he called him justin beaver.

    that shit was too rill for me. i have to go and wash my eyes out and throw up my soul.

  2. Bahahahha i have to show this to my sugar dump when he gets home.