Wednesday, August 10, 2011

no shame in my game

my friend scott posted this video on fb a few days ago, and to be honest, i saw the title and thought 
"no time for that right now. not interested."

but you know how often times when we seek something, if we put the intention out there, we find it? or it finds us? 

i was looking for something on fb just now
--i don't even remember what--
and came across this video. again.
it was glaring at me in the face, nudging me to push play. 
so i watched it. instead of taking a nap. 
it may not be worth much around 3pm, when i'm finding myself in need of a latte to get through the day, but hey. 
it pushes me a little further along on my journey toward discovering myself, and that is always a welcome thing.

making the decision to take this leap of faith to move out west, to a house i hadn't seen, and to really GO for this acting thing, much less just to be *authentically* myself every day...
it takes courage. 
and the ability to be vulnerable, and be ok with it. 
i'm embracing my vulnerability, my authenticity, my uniqueness...cause there's only one me. 

and there is only one you

so watch the video. 
its 20 minutes out of your life.
tell me what you think. how it made you feel. and then, decide
decide to know that you are worthy
of being loved, of truly loving others, of happiness, success, 
of true connection, of all the beauty in life.

because when it comes to worthiness, while i may 
not even know you, i can tell you this: 
you most certainly, absotively, without a doubt ARE. 


1 comment:

  1. Best. Post.
    is there an award for best posts on a blog? 'Cause this should win it.

    Although I miss you- with all my heart- every day, I can't wait to see how you grow. I'm so pleased you see that you have the courage to live out all the dreams you've had since childhood. May you always love yourself, because I certainly do.