Wednesday, August 24, 2011

does this kale make my ass look big?

...hint: the answer is no.

feeling very "la" as i write this. 

i'm always on the lookout for easy, healthy snacks;
most especially ones that the girls will eat. 

so when my fabulous girlfriend sonya told me about these "chips" yesterday, i knew i had to try them.
turns out i had the ingredients already in the kitch, so i whipped some up this morning. 
not only did the girls enjoy them, we wolfed down two batches between the three of us! 

y-u-m! go getcha some. 

kale chips
*1 bunch of kale (dinosaur is my fave, but really whatever you can find fresh & in season!)
*kosher, sea, or your fave salt
*extra virgin olive oil

1. preheat your oven to 350. line a baking sheet with parchment.
2. remove the leaves from the thick stems with kitchen scissors or a pairing knife; tear into bite-sized pieces. 
3. wash really well, and spin dry in a salad spinner. 
4. put the kale on your baking sheet, give it a drizzle of olive oil & a sprinkling of salt. i also put some freshly ground black pepper on my second batch for a little heat.
5. bake for 10-15 minutes, or until the edges of your kale are brown but not burned. 
6. try not to eat them all at once. just try. 

these babies are my new go-to! can't wait to pack some up in a picnic lunch or put some out as a dinner party app sometime soon! plus, i started with the basics on my first go-round; i can't wait to try some new flavor combinations! 

*literally as i'm writing this, a girlfriend just texted me 
about using lime zest & kosher salt... 
mmmm, now i want margaritas with it! 
hey, with all the calories i'm saving 
by eating this healthy snack vs some other alternatives
--there are about 58 calories in this recipe!--
i think i can afford one. 



ps. let me know if you try this; 
i'd love to get some more ideas for flavor combos!

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