Sunday, August 28, 2011

rock n roll gatsby

perhaps you've heard... 
there was another "royal" wedding of sorts recently.

no, not that one.

this one:

(all photos below via vogue) 

i die for this.

saw jenny's recent mention of this wedding, which reminded me that i absolutely must share it with you!

last week when i was on, i read hamish's gorgeous article on kate moss' wedding to guitarist of the kills, jamie hince. and then i found the below video.
i cannot look away from the screen; i have been watching it
on a loop for days now.
seriously. can you send a sandwich or something, please?


how perfect is this entire affair?
(and what's with the teepees?)

the lightness of it all! 
the classic, thoughtful touches...
dear friend of the bride, mario testino, photographed her wedding portfolio...
gorgeous, hand-crafted wedding gown(S!)...
the crew of flowerchildren... 16 total.   
how perfect are they in their bonpoint dresses?! 

i'll tell you: perfect!!!

says kate, to vogue's hamish bowles: “I wanted it to be kind of dreamy and 1920s, when everything is soft-focus,” says Kate. “The Great Gatsby. The code name was GG for a while. That light and that kind of fun decadence. It’s rock-’n’-roll Great Gatsby!” There will be Edwardian marquees in her field and a circus tent for the children, with a miniature drum kit and their own DJ and tepees for them to sleep in. A stage is being built by hand, “which I’m going to keep for festivals for the future,” 
she explains.

the flowers are perfection, the setting is beyond idyllic, the dress is absolutely to DIE for. 
this is the stuff dreams are made of.

john galliano called the creation of this gown his "creative rehab"; after being in actual rehab since march of this year for his crazy awful anti-semitic rants, it brought him back to life. 

(sidenote: why, so often, are creative geniuses absolutely mad?!)

kate had a total of three gowns for the event: the galliano, a sparkling stella mccartney georgette evening gown with steel beads, and a vintage 1930's wedding gown she previously wore for her bachelorette party. naturally.

during the speeches at the reception, when kate's father, peter, thanked galliano for "the beautiful dress", the crowd erupted into a standing ovation, and the designer got tears in his eyes.

the bar hemingway of the ritz paris set up a bar on the dancefloor and served the kate 76, an absolutely 
delicious-sounding cocktail of 
champers, vodka, crushed ice, and sugar.
must must must make this for our next dinner party.

check out but a few of the incredibly stylish attendees:
the uberchic mr. bowles, in his bespoke stubbs & wootton's!
marc, darling, won't you please quit it with the smoking?
ewww. and i thought you were all healthy and stuff?!
i'll take all three, thanks.

oh, and there was food. incredibly good food.
take the cake! 
i could swan-dive off of the roof into this thing.
then eat my way out.
mmmmm...cake crater.
i love how the cake table appears to have a glow underneath it. so lovely!

really, kate. i am super fun at weddings!

for more on this gorgeous affair, see this month's issue.

it has, in addition to giving me a new cocktail to "test" for "research purposes", inspired me to make today, at least, that much more special and memorable.

or at least take a shower. 


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