Friday, August 5, 2011

guilt-free shopping on gilt

it turns out getting accustomed to west coast time isn't as difficult as i thought it would be. 
especially if you have a reason to pay attention 
to the time difference.
and by that, i mean watching the clock to make sure i was on time for the pieces by lee kleinhelter for gilt home sale today! 
(via brilliant chic)
it started at noon east coast time, so you best believe i was sitting in front of my laptop, coffee in hand, ready to click away at the fabulousness at 9am.
if you aren't familiar with lee's work 
(which begs the question, WHY?! must remedy. stat.)
here are just a few of my favorite spaces she's designed:
 (via hgtv)
 (via cottage living. RIP. possibly my fave issue EVER bc of this very feature!)
(via lonny)
(via myverticalbuckhead)

isn't she fabulous?
i had the pleasure of meeting lee 
(along with the adorable jonathan adler, ahem)
at her totally chic home decor boutique last year, 
at a party for j'adler himself. 
i went with my sisterwife, jenny, of mfamb fame. 
more on her very soon. 
prepare yourselves.
this is just a peek at what happens when jenny and i attend a party together.
 we look fabulous. take pictures of ourselves in the car. 
and everywhere else, too. 
sing and have a dance party en route.
(via mfamb) 
jenny makes sweet, sweet love to any plants nearby.
 (via mfamb)
quite possibly the worst picture of me ever? nah. i'm sure there are worse out there. but still. 
(i was still working off some baby weight, ok?) 
cocktail in hand. photobooth in action. 
jenny in pants.
 (via mfamb)
lee's adorable dog, ryder, often found in the office 
at the store. SO sweet.
(via mfamb)
...and yours truly. in all my blonde glory. 
yup. i'm a blonde underneath the brunette, folks. 
i like to switch it up. 
and rock a fupa, apparently.
(update: the fupa is gone. mostly.)

anyway, back to the lesson at hand:
the gilt sale is on now, and by the time you read this, 
there are probs quite a few items sold out, 
(boo! don't you hate when you go to buy something and see the dreaded "in other members carts" tag?! argh!)
but if i had an unlimited budget 
and lee had unlimited quantity, 
here's what i'd scoop up today:
(all images via gilt home)

for the entry.
for the dining table. on the patio. 
for my desk. 
probs for the entry. or by the porch door.
or anywhere. these guys are TOO cute.
entry hallway. this is delicious.
ooooh. two in a sitting area? one tucked in a nook? 
in the master? a bunch for dining room? 
this thing slays me. entryway? hallway? anyway? 
for one of the bedrooms. would want to put it in birdie's room once she gets a big girl bed, but i'd probably be selfish and 
put them in the master. 
birdie's room. or on a console table in dining or entry area.
this coffee table is dooooooope.

this is so gorgeous, i may have to get two. 
over the dining room table, or seating area a la lee?
and there she is. the dream table of all dream tables. 
entry. hallway. dining. master as desk. whatever. 
i need this in my life. like now. 
love these in a pair in our sunroom. 
ahhhhh! i want it all!

oh man. this guy is so good. he can give in my master sitting area, or in the sunroom. or anywhere he likes. 

when i win the big california lotto, 
i'll be making all this happen.

until then, i'm working with jenny & her incredible craigslist-whispering-skills to find some similar items on my budget.
you should, too. 
she's very affordable, and trust me when i tell you, that girl's GOOD.

if you should find yourself in need of some fab new pieces for your pad, hit up the 
its on until sunday night.  


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  1. i love you in a fupa.

    i cried real bitter tears during the lee sale. mainly bc even on sale that shit is dumb expensive. i will happily find what-choo-need on LACL.

    thanks for the shout out sisterbitch.