Wednesday, August 17, 2011

wwyd; chair edition

a few months ago i asked for your help in a design dilemma i was having via a new column entitled
"what would you do?"

today, i have another wwyd challenge.
i bought these chairs from a yard sale for a measly 
$20 last week.

i saw potential; david saw $20 in the bin and an unfinished project sitting in the garage. 
not one to be labeled for figured out...
and because we need dining room chairs in a bad way, 
i figured i needed to get crack a lackin' on these bad boys.

my only problem: what color to paint them? 
which fabric to recover the seats in?

here's where you come in.
i have something i'm leaning towards, but i'm
curious as to your thoughts on the following:

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alright, let her rip. 
whatcha think?
the huz is out of town on a b'ness trip for a few days...
maybe i'll do something constructive (vs destructive)
while he's gone. 



  1. always always always do what i tell you.
    don't you love green? isn't it your favorite color?

  2. Yes listen to Jenny. DO WHAT SHE SAYS!!!!

    what did she say?

  3. My vote is yellow...that bright, sassy, vaguely neon yellow. And I love it with a darker color like navy. But green was my second choice, and I don't wanna get into a fight with MFAMB, so maybe you should do that :)

  4. This totally depends on the room no? whats it going with?

    Im not that exciting. If it were me I would paint them glossy glossy black. maybe that polka dotty brushstrokey fabric... I forgot what its called.

  5. Green. And shiny. Or lavender. With chevrons. It's like having all the things you love- in one place.

  6. i love the sjp room with the black chairs - but it might be because of that gorgeous turquoise chandelier...