Monday, August 22, 2011

give it away now: babies!

it seems like all of my friends are having babies right now. 
i'm not.
but that doesn't mean i don't love shopping for just the right gift for the new babes and their mums & dads!
here's a roundup of some of my favorite of-the-moment picks:

honestly one of my favorite childrens' books 
(for obvious reasons--birdie! and shoes!)
by gifted author & illustrator sujean rim; you may recognize her signature watercolor prints from your inbox every morning, as she is the talent behind the gorgeous illustrations of daily candy's website & books, among others.
the story is adorable, stylish, and fun, and after almost two years, we still read it almost daily.

what to pair with the sweet read? 
why, a pair of perfectly fabulous shoes, natch!

obsessed with tip toey joey's sweet mary janes. 
pick your favorite color...or get all three.
birdie would approve.

looking for something with a little more wow factor?

cutest ever 
burberry three piece tunic, legging, & gilet set

who doesn't love a gift from tiffanys?

instant heirloom status. 
i treasure the tiffany & co. china sets we received for our girls, as well as the precious moon rattle that for whatever reason they still play with. 

my pick for a truly unique gift from tiff?
the elsa peretti padova bubble blower.
sterling silver, $200 bucks, and awesome. 
also. had our financial bubble not burst in recent years, 
this would be mine. ha.

bla bla dolls are one of my absolute favorite gifts to give.
(in addition to which they have the most precious knapsacks, a great back to school gift for little ones!)
not only are they made with all natural, high quality cotton, hand picked in peru where they are hand-sewn, but their home base is in my hometown of atlanta! 
their shop is utterly adorable, as are their products. 
from their website, here are a few of their fabulous offerings; its almost impossible to pick a favorite 
as they are all so special! 

 don't you want one?

the jonathan adler junior collection is about as adorable as home decor can get! 
i'm loving these sweet yet stylish needlepoint pillows and totally chic nightlights:


finally, i give you: calliespondence!

callie burnette's fresh & unique approach to stationery makes for a wonderfully personal, and therefore special gift.
so proud to be able to call her my friend, 
callie's incredible personal style translates effortlessly into her work; describe your vision for stationery perfection, and she'll make it a reality.  
there's just something...special about receiving a thank you note on the baby's personal stationery. 
some may think its a bit much, but i think its 
one of life's little pleasures. 
after all, how often will someone be able to give a thank you note on behalf of their infant child? 
ok, those of you who are not kate gosselin, octomom, 
or living on a "farm" in utah. 
you get my point. 
go here to see more of callie's work, order some stationery as a gift or for yourself, and stay tuned for
an interview with her in the coming weeks. 
yup, i have an official ladycrush.

before callie, however, comes jenny.
this week's ladycrush is my very own sisterwife, mfamb. 
interview forthcoming.

happy gift giving!

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  1. oh my WORD! you just officially made this 10 month pregnant lady's day, and that's hard to do for a non-food item. you are the sweetest and i am the lucky one to call you a friend, my dear!!! MISS YOU!!! xoxoxo
    p.s. i had a dream about your chairs the other night...can't wait to see what you do with them!! will be fab fo sho.