Friday, August 26, 2011

feel the love?

right now i have a loved one going through an exceptionally tough time; we all occasionally do, no?
my mama calls them "FGO's"... 
or "f*cking growth opportunities". 
i don't know 'bout you, but i've been through my share, 
and whenever i'm lost in the woods, its my gorgeous 
family and friends who get me through.

and god, of course.

anyway, for you, my very special friend; 
you know who you are. 
and for any of you going through 
an FGO of your own...
hang in there.

know that you're in this season of your life for a reason, 
that you are strong as hell, and you will get through it, 
and you will be wiser for it. 

blah blah blah, i know. 
i've been there, too; i really don't mean to sound condescending. 
when you're over all the "supportive talk", 
sometimes its best to laugh. or even just smile. 
know this. more than anything else. 
there is still so much color in your life. 
look around, seek it out, soak it in. 
 i get butterflies thinking about your unique, specific gifts; 
no one else in the world is you
you are more special than you know.

laughter is crucial. 
until your very last breath. 
hold fast to courage, make the tough choices, and don't look back.
play your own song. 
even if you're the only one who likes it.
even if it sounds like me playing the recorder in fifth grade.
...and possibly makes the neighbor's ears bleed.
...and perhaps anyone within a five mile radius.
play on.

at first you might feel timid, but just GO for it.

its always better to regret things you've done, 
than things you haven't.

you are beautiful. no matter what sex, color, religion, size, shape, age, ability... you are beautiful.

especially if you look like this.
(he's all kinds of special, and he is owning it.)
its true. 
and that's a lot. 
a whole lot.
remember i love you. and i'm always, always here. 
even though i'm here
not there.

have a wonderful weekend.
sparkley, gropey hugs & glitter puppy kisses, 


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