Friday, August 19, 2011

most beautiful androgyny. ever.

you know how sometimes you innocently click on a website and then are absolutely blown away by what you see?
had that very effect on me this evening. 

check this out. 
dude looks like a lady.
like the most gorgeous lady ever
 'cept she's a he. 
as in, andrej pejic.
 he's a bosnian-born supermodel,
 models as both a woman and a man, 
 is about to turn the ripe old age of twenty,
and has closed the galliano show 2 years in a row,
as the bride.

he's probably the most gorgeous 
i've ever laid eyes on. 
all photos from here


1 comment:

  1. I know. I cant stop staring. Ive been googling him all day and watching his videos. He is so gorgeous as a woman, but I think he is so sexy as a man. I love the masculine/feminine delicate balance that is andrej... like when he is a woman the hint of masculinity makes him so interesting. and when he is a man, his feminine beauty makes him seem almost like a mythical creature. Like a centaur. Face of a girl, body of a boy.

    I would LOVE to see what he looks like with short hair.