Friday, August 12, 2011

oh my MISSONI!

true story:
when i was a fresh young thing of only 22, i went on an incredible holiday to italia; venice via naples, to be exact. 
it was only 5 days, but it was just as i had imagined it would be: a magical, whirlwind romance of a trip... 
but it got off to a rocky start when the airline lost my luggage. 
the ensembles i had spent so much time coordinating and considering, laying out on my rooms-to-go bed at home, carefully packing and dreaming of swirling around piazza san marco in... gone. 
unfortunately venezia doesn't exactly have 
the gap, j crew, or even a target... 
but fortunately for me, my generous companion was kind enough to offer to take me shopping at some of the local boutiques, and purchase whatever i fancied.
i remember walking into the missoni store thinking 
"hmmm, interesting... but is this too...old for me? 
where are the sexy, 'i want to stop him dead 
in his tracks' clothes?" 
and then i said, 

*pause for dramatic effect*

"no, thanks. lets go see what's next door." 

silly girl. 
silly, silly girl.  

if i could see her now, i would literally shake her. 
slap her in the face. 
and then i would explain a few things about how "sexy" really works. about how timeless the missoni aesthetic really is. 
about what having style means. 

i'm hoping to atone for this dreadful oversight today,
by writing this post. 
i am now by no means a style icon, but i believe i've learned a thing or two since that time, and i can only imagine 
if i were able to go back 
(srsly stephen hawking, where IS my time machine?!),
 i would have snapped up a few of their iconic pieces, 
at the very least.

but you can't go back, can you?
fortunately, we don't have to.
because target is bringing missoni to the masses!

i've been spending time with some very stylish ladies this week
--more on that to come!--
and when i saw the leaked photos for the 
missoni for target collab (in stores and online september 13th!), i knew i had to share them with you, stylish reader! 

perhaps my excitement over the calypso st. barth collection for target a few months ago was a tad... premature. 
turns out the fabrics, materials, even the prints they used, while some were adorable (the kids lines were mostly awesome) and wearable (the womens silk tops), even stylishly affordable 
(i got the gold pouf for bunny's room, in lieu of the nate berkus one...probs should have forked over the extra 40bucks, 
but whatever), as a whole it was less than earthshattering.

i don't want to end up the "blogger who cried fabulous" and have this missoni collection be a disappointment...
but how could it be? 

just take a look for yourself...

(all photos via allthewayuphere)

the photos were leaked wednesday via a tumblr feed by "little marina", margherita missoni's "go-to doll" who established a blog account in early april, and has been featuring lust-worthy fashion, food & lifestyle photos to whet our appetites since. 
and then she dropped the bomb that is the 20 photos above; 
a veritable lookbook of the collection which will feature over four hundred marvelously zig zagged pieces, ranging in price from $2.99 to $599.99 (that bike is as good as mine), 
with most items less than $40! 
it looks gorgeous, no?
(we all know i love a zigzag...just look at my blog header!)

what's your favorite piece?

the collection stands to be, dare i say it, legendary.
i mean come on. high fashion items at bargain basement prices? 
yes yes YES! si si SI!
(i'll have what she's having.)

know this. if any of you are looking for me in the wee hours of the morning on september 13th, you best believe i will be waiting outside my local tarjjjay, cash in hand, ready to storm the shiny linoleum and nab a little piece of fabulous for myself.  

after which i'll be making bellinis and listening to pavarotti, trying to recapture some italiano magico.  
buona fortuna!


  1. I have had Sept 13th on my calendar since they made the announcement. I am DYING to see the collection in person & will be the FIRST person in line to do so. Viva Missoni!

  2. no bitch better get in my way when i grab up that blanket, bag, cape and scarves. no bitch!