Tuesday, August 16, 2011

lessons in los angeles

hope y'all had a good weekend!
i learned a lot this past one in la. 

lesson one. 
don't give up on a party too early on. 
just because the crowd is the prettiest you've ever seen, 
yet the majority of them happen to be giving off a slightly douchey vibe (sorry, but its true. in the south people say "excuse me" when they bump into you at a party; here, notsomuch.), doesn't mean the night can't be rescued by a canadian stranger, a bevvy of hot gays, an amazing band, 
and observance of a drinking game loosely titled 
"every time you see a guy in a plaid shirt or a tank top, you must drink" with one old friend and two new ones. 

i got a ginormous hat for the occasion. 
it was at least helpful in spotting me in the crowd, though 
it definitely made it difficult to be in a crowd, order drinks, talk to pretty much anyone...but hey! it looked good!

this little guy was too cute not to capture on film...
i'm assuming its a totally natural, temporary paint job, yes?
oh yes. and there were these guys.
no, we aren't on the jersey shore. 
that's right here in los angeles, people. 
gtl. its tshirt time.

lesson two. 
garlic fries have been known to save lives.
mine, anyway.

lesson three.
when going to the rosebowl flea market, one should always bring:

especially if you get there for the super duper early vip entry.
also: a hat, sunscreen, comfortable clothes & shoes, (think asian tourist) cash, water, and a team of hungarians/pack of twilight wolves/a wagon... to carry all your stuff.
like the true novice i am, i didn't reapply sunscreen every hour (i do with the girls, why not myself?! grrr.)
and therefore, ended up with a nasty sunburn on my shoulders. 
not cool.
i did, however, see some awesome stuff at the flea!
take a gander...
huge driftwood mirror
i love him & wanted to take him home with me. 
maybe next month.
this beast of a basket would be so superawesome in an entryway... 
but he was $350 and i have other things i need to spend that on.
 suzanis, anyone?  
there were a zillion vintage clothing vendors; some were crap, but some had truly beautiful pieces. take this teal stunner, for example; she was a mere $40, floor length, and fabulous. i wanted her. i pictured myself hosting a dinner party in the garden, barefoot in this beauty. 
alas, the girls couldn't fit in the bodice.
and nobody likes an uptight hostess, much less one that's too tight in her dress.
old rusty trike. 
cool photo prop or for party decor... 
or if you want to give someone nightmares by putting it in your guest bedroom with a clown on it. 

 felt like atlanta was everywhere this weekend.
i must have thought i saw eight of my friends at the hudson party, and then i saw this at the rosebowl.
 there was so much midcentury goodness this past weekend. 
these lamps would be so cool in a bachelor pad. 
so masculine and industrial.
so crushing on these gorgeous moroccan wedding shawls! 
would be gorgeous hung as a tapestry, made into pillows, or folded on the end of a bed... 

but what did i take home?
two handsome, manly, leather & chrome chairs for the master bedroom sitting area.
a beautiful 4 x 6 ft rug that is now happily living in my kitchen.
i may or may not have gotten some birthday gift items for friends and family... 
but they read this blog so i can't show you...yet! ;)
more soon.
i honestly tried to post this sunday night, and then again yesterday...but have a serious technology deficiency in my house. 
the pics from my high res camera are too big for this little laptop to process. its killing me. but i'm working on it!

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  1. omg that rug is TO DIE FOR! love love love!!! you have fab taste, my dear....and atlanta misses you too. xoxo