Tuesday, April 12, 2011

p&c events!

have you ever gone to a new hair stylist, 
only to show up to find he/she looks nothing 
like you expected, and you find yourself thinking...
just what exactly am i going to look like 
when i leave here?

duh. appearances aren't everything.
(even if you did leave with a kentucky waterfall when you asked for long layers.)

i may occasionally have a sailor's mouth, may or may not have a tramp stamp of a butterfly, and just today bought leopard print hammer pants, but don't get it twisted: 

molly got skills.

molly can plan a party.


i have always loved entertaining; as a child, when i would "cook" dinner for my family, i would create an entire meal out of hors d'oeuvre! 

in high school i went to prom 8 times. yup. 
8 times. 
(did i mention i'm fun as hell?!)
at each prom, in addition to drinking hunch punch 
& dancing to ace of base, all-4-one and richard marx, i would critique the decorations as if i were 
a judge on a bad reality series. 
in college & as i grew older, my friends and i starting getting married & having babies, occasions which of course warranted a bevy of 
parties & showers. 

thus began my full-blown obsession 
with party planning. 
details are everything
and i love having creative control...
just ask anyone within a 5 mile radius 
the day before an event! 
once i get an idea in my head, the spiral begins. 
i love working with friends, family, 
& now clients (!) to create a unique event full of special details that leaves a lasting impression. 
event planning is an outlet, a passion, 
and a must for me. 

that being said, i'd like to introduce the small business i'm building here in atlanta.
its called Pomp & Circumstance!
(ahhhh! light bulb!)
i'll be featuring events i've created in the past, as well as current projects with you all.
i'd love your feedback, encouragement, & constructive criticism as i make the magic happen.
(yes, i realize the images above may be small-scale, but once given the budget to realize my vision
--via my amazing clientele-- i know 
i will blow your face off.) 

first up: my daughter's 5th birthday
the lovely gals at anders ruff featured it today on their blog. they created the printables for the event, & were awesome to work with. 
it was such fun! 
i will eventually do a full blown post about it here, but until then, check out their post! 
lemme know what you think. 
and if you have questions about anything, holllaaaaa!
(and really, don't be afraid to speak up. 
i love feedback of any kind. it lets me know all this talking to myself isn't in vain.)



  1. omg i love this post SO MUCH!!!! you are so the next big thing girl...move over amy atlas. and i LOVE that your fab 30th pic made this post!! so glad i am holding the phone for you (ooo pun??). very proud of you girl!! and, i owe you an email too - xoxox

  2. Mazel Tov on your new venture!

    P.S. I can't tell the gender of either person in the first photo, though that may be for the best.