Tuesday, April 19, 2011

picnic redux

while currently dealing with a teething toddler, in addition to her older sister, 
& a husband living on the opposite coast, 
i find myself often daydreaming... 
i decided to (attempt to) illustrate 
some dreams for you. 
sweet & simple sunset picnic

first up is our sweet & simple picnic; 
what a romantic affair! 
especially when your meal can be had anywhere!
yums from the golden arches, 
starbucks or whole foods;
if enjoyed at sunset, with flickering candles 
to set the mood; 
will be just the perfect way to relax and unwind, 
pop some bubbly champagne, and do 
whatever comes to mind. 
apres dinner, you won't feel guilty for your picnic's excess waste;
your products are green! but still, make haste; 
on your bicycle built for two, you'll ride 
off into the sunset,  for this romance to be applied!

(vintage asprey cocktail and picnic sets)

our next fabulous fete is an over-the-top revelry, 
in a far flung locale during a month's long
travel spree!
a gourmand's delight on fine china is served; oysters! foie gras! and they're just the h'ors d'oeuvre!
course after course, from the tastebuds to the soul; 
...you're on holiday! who cares about 
portion control!
quaff dom perignon from gold & crystal flutes;
and finish it all off with laduree macarons!
after such a feast, you will surely seek rest;
 so its into your tent outfitted with 
the best of the best!
to slumber under leontine linens atop but the comfiest of beds; 
while visions of extravagance dance in your head.
ultra deluxe picnic

these are both quite attainable, depending on where life finds you these days. i've been in the fortunate position to enjoy both types, and they are equally as fabulous, most especially if you have first-class company to enjoy them with. 

bon appetit! 

"anyone who lives within their means 
suffers from a lack of imagination."
oscar wilde
(a man after my own heart)

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  1. i am all about the deluxe picnic. but i want the bike from sweet and simple to be added to the deluxe option. i would so ride the hell out of that bike with you. in fact the thought is making me dizzy with golden glittery pee streams.