Tuesday, April 12, 2011


this morning i felt like this:

(via blondeambition)

after a gloriously exhausting spring break spent 
with my girls at the beach 
(and the return car trip yesterday), 
i'm officially spent. 
how do you single mummies do it?! 

it was a beautiful trip. 
i simply adore the precious time with my daughters, and we spent each day devouring every moment in the sun, on the beach, in the water, 
just being together. 
it was bliss.

my babies! 
deal with it! in your face! 

it was amazing, but its always nice to return to squatter's manse, as i like to call our temporary digs until we make the big move out west 
in a couple months.
(we talked about this, right?)

smartest move i made before we left: 
cleaning the house. 
the night before we left, i packed everything, including the car, and then cleaned the whole house. bunny honestly thought someone had broken in while we were gone. 
(not like she wasn't here the morning that we left, but she was blinded by vacation excitement awesomeness, so i'll allow the oversight.)
(craig that's for you.)

coming home to a clean house after almost a week of daily cocktails, lots of delicious food, & not enough sleep definitely has me 
looking to further detox. 
thinking of doing a cleanse; i did the master cleanse for a measly 3 days last year, 
& am now thinking of going the distance. 
any experienced cleansers out there 
with some sage advice?

at least i made it to the farmers market today so i could turn this:

into this:

man those green bags literally kick ass. 
they're probably saving me millions of dollars. 
i really should do something nice for them.

coincidentally, does anyone else store their eye cream, nail polish, & face mask 
in their butter drawer?

ok then. 

hope you all had a great week/end! 
i'm gonna do a fun d.i.y. this week, and 
tomorrow i'll actually share one of the 
parties i did recently. 
which is kinda why i started this whole blog thing. that and to tell you about the green bags, of course.


hope you have a fabulous tuesday!


  1. The pictures just changed my whole day. My girls are amazing and beautiful and perfect...just like their Mommy.

  2. Ok, in that first picture, I MUST have that skirt!! Any ideas of the who/what/where? Looks like you guys had a great time! They are so cute I can't stand it.

  3. David, my darling, you were MISSED. a lot. xo
    Laura--the bags are sold in the produce section at most grocery stores; i think they've got some obnoxious "as seen on tv" logo.. can't remember. point is, they keep your produce fresh for WAY longer than if you just put it in your drawer, or even wrapped w a paper towel in a ziplock. they are AWESOME. worth the $10, and you can re-use them i think like 10 times per!
    diane--thanks so much! the pink bathing suits are from...wait for it...target! of course. i have a small obsession when it comes to cute yet totally inexpensive at tarjjjay. they were like $10bucks! coincidentally, i make tutus if you need one! ;)

  4. Hahaha, you literally just made me spit water out of my nose! BUT, while the girls' suits are adorable (cause, let's face it, everything they own is adorable) and you know me and tutus (I actually got one from Forever that I love!), I was actually talking about the first, first picture... with the girl in the chair. I LOVE that skirt. haha, I miss you.

  5. P.P.S. This is your cuz, btw.... I just realized you didn't know, and well, that could sound kinda creepy then.... ha.

  6. I thought those green bags were crap, must buy them for my bananas. I rotten banana is not a good banana.

    Your girls are cute love the last picture.