Saturday, April 9, 2011

MY roadtrip essentials

on the road again...

so yesterday i shared the roadtrip essentials 
of my girls.

today, its my turn!

this is the quick & dirty as i'm a few margaritas in, up entirely too late, and realizing that i am in desperate need of actual glasses.
(to be remedied next week. prepare to help me choose some fab specs for my enormous face.) 

MY roadtrip essentials

off we go.

i must always have caffiene to get anything done. that's pretty much a true statement. very much so when it comes to roadtrips! after the obvious cup o joe while i get myself ready and get the girls out the door, i looooove me some whynatte. if you don't know, now you know. not only is this deceptively small little can completely delish on its own
(yum lattte made w/ hormone free milk +
real, natural sweeteners + extra energy
ingredients = awesomesauce),
it also likes to party! (hmmm...responsibly wholesome during the day, party like rockstar at night? sounds like someone i know...!) it mixes beautifully with lots o different liquors, but i think i may save my fave whynatte cocktail recipe for the feature i'm doing tomorrow... beach drinks!

of course you gotta have water. duh.
i like smart water because jennifer anniston looks hot holding the bottle. figure i might, too.
just kidding! or am i...?

almonds are that snack that my trainer (and probably yours, too) said i should eat... so i pack them in my handbag pretty much at all times. they're healthy, sure, but they also stave off that nagging desire i get to go into the gas station and buy a 5 lb bag of funyuns, a big gulp slushie, and one of those corndogs that's been on that rotating thing for like a year. (who buys those anyway?!)

clementines are on my girls' and my short list. they're easy to peel (yay! i am soooo big, too!), healthy & seedless. props.

i am such a freak about moisturizing my hands; i do it almost every time i drive my car. don't know why, but i just do. the cream i'm currently using is l'occitane's shea butter cream. its good, but not my fave. any recommendations?

i am also a freak about sunscreen. which, of course, you may not believe if you read yesterday's post. (my back got fried, rock lobster style, on the beach on wednesday. i applied sunscreen to the girls first, and then to myself; of course i got distracted and had to run after birdie who was chasing down poor jonathan livingston seagull at 90mph. anywho, i forgot. won't happen again.) my current fave is la roche-posay anthelios 60. its major.

ooooh! one of my fave beauty products of all time is up next: smith's rosebud salve! if you've never tried this, go get some. now. you can thank me later.

i always bring advil.
i'm no dummy.

comfy travel clothes are obvious; when driving to my destination, my uniform of late consists of cutoffs, a supersoft tshirt
and an equally soft cardi.
as i mentioned yesterday, sunnies and
a hat are essential. i love hats and wear them often. my watch is one of my fave things, and
i can't leave home without it.
tennies are great for being on the road because i'm afraid if i wear sandals i'll stop at a gas station, forget to put them on, and then have a nasty case of britney feet.

and no one wants that. trust me.

of course i need a navigator, and that's where my trusty iphone comes in.
she's lead me astray before, but i haven't had any problems since i attempted to get to charlotte and ended up in mississippi...
but we won't talk about that. ever.
(why do people live in mississippi again?
it scares me!)
my phone is also a welcome lifeline to the outside/adult world when the girls have had me singing "the wheels on the bus" or "__insert any disney or taylor swift song here__" for the millionth time and i need a break. its also fun to check twitter, fb, etc during one of the zillion bathroom breaks requried when traveling with young girls.

finally, i think it goes without saying that the perfect roadtrip soundtrack is key.
i'm sure rob gordon's would trump mine, but this is some of what i was working with on
the way down this trip:
adele's new album, 21 (it. is. killer.), the constellations' southern gothic album, cee lo green's the lady killer, love me some katy perry (resistance is futile. she's pop genius!), of course bob marley (we also have his kids' cd which is totally dope. no pun intended. really.) and jimmy buffet are required when going to a beachy destination.
trust me when i tell you my daughters' virgin ears are of utmost importance to me, so i honestly only listen to the potentially naughty songs when they're deeply entranced in a movie in the back, and when i can adjust the sound so it only comes up front.
like i said before, i'm no dummy.

what are your roadtrip essentials? 
any favorite tunes you can't live
without on the open road?
i think we should make a master playlist...
until tomorrow my darlings.


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  1. I agree with Adele and the dope, whatever. (No pun here either.) I'd like to see your Britt-Feet. (That was great!) XO