Sunday, April 17, 2011

Impromptu Night Out

Impromptu Night Out

Impromptu Night Out by MollyMarler 

so friday night i went out.  
babysitters are a precious commodity for us parentals. fortunately pour moi, my mumsey lives in town, and volunteers her services on occasion. 
*thanks, mama!*
i also cherish my single friends who tolerate my presence in adult situations. as i've said before, i'm like that puppy who pees on the rug when company comes, because i'm! 
it may take a few cocktails minutes for me to warm up/cool down/relax amongst my peers, 
but when i hit my stride... 
look out. 

i went here:

(via theivybuckhead)

drank a couple of these:

(via vodkasoup)

wore that:

hung out with my friend B.
 (via flickr)
(via f1chronicles)

it was fun. 

til next time...


  1. did u really wear that exact outfit?

  2. nope. i wore a mumu and nana slippers.

  3. your night sounds fun. did you meet any scumbags or whores? i often gauge how much fun a night was based on how many of those i meet. but for some odd reason, i cannot seem to find any these days.

  4. bpf! of course there were scumbags and whores. though i must say that place in particular was full up on douche more than anything else. it was fun, though--but maybe that's just bc i don't get out enough. sounds like you don't either--we MUST hang soon. honestly. J, you, me?!

  5. WTF?! No Hammer pants?! What?
    I don't understand.

  6. haaaaaa! i meant to post about the hammer pants! i know. i know. i just...dunno!?!?! ;) you understand. we're the same.