Saturday, April 2, 2011

mark your calendars!!!

ok, so i know this has been out for a minute, but i'm reeeeeally starting to get excited.

have you heard?

may 1.
bullseye, bitches!!!

(and do not even think about snatching up all of the moroccan poufs, or i will CUT you.)


**i've been stalking checking out the target/calypso sites (some of the above images are collabs from the sites below)...and i'm using my mad skills of deduction in thinking that not all of the above items will be in the target line. some are calypso originals...but hey, they're currently on sale!**

***apparently i was way too excited about buying the goods, instead of crediting my photos earlier today. like lindsay lohan [probably] says, 
"oops, my bad." 
images were via: thebudgetbabe, thedamesgotmoxie, instyle, target & tumblr.  
i could echo la lohan & say i won't ever do it again... 
but she certainly did, and i very well may. though i'll try not to.***


  1. Happy fucking birthday to me (May 6th)!

    That long kaftan is MINE.

  2. i want that kaftan too raina. i forgot your birthday is my anniversary.

  3. right?! DYING. i want it all. honestly. there are maybe two pieces that i feel 'meh' about...just got $200 from selling old clothes at a consignment sale. my closet is bare...but not for long! yeeeeeahbboooiiiieeee.

  4. are you kidding me? I used to sale that at Poole Shop for HUNNIES and HUNNIES!!!!!!! I cant believe it. can we get it online?

  5. YES, B! it will be in stores and online May 1. I don't know what time...but you know i'll be checking at midnight the night before! (craaaazy.) of COURSE you used to sell it at poole shop; i can see it now! xoxoxox