Wednesday, April 27, 2011

easter re-cap

(a little recap of the weekend as i was all consumed by the whole oscar wilde does the jersey shore thing earlier, and couldn't resist sharing that first...)

hi y'all! i hope you had a wonderful weekend. 
if you celebrate easter, i hope it was beautiful!
mine certainly was.
my husband came home for a few precious days, and it was a wonderfully exhausting whirlwind.
friday we went to a fabulous easter egg hunt at a girlfriend's house; it was such fun. 

the girls hunted for eggs, created crafts, had a sack race, played, and even met the easter bunny!
completely adorable. 

i am a firm believer in having booze at any party, most especially those involving children.
(obviously not when monster trucking, speed boating, or heli-skiing, but otherwise, YES.)
my girlfriend jen agrees; they had plenty of everything. take a look at some of the spread.
(casual, easy, effective.)

major thought to detail & activity (on jen's part, not mine!) = majorly happy girls.

 friday night, david & i had the opportunity 
(thanks to scoutmob for the deal, and Lala for the babysitting!) to visit one of atlanta's newer restaurants that i've been wanting to try. 

honestly, i could have gone to the varsity and been "happy" --def would have needed a pepto cocktail-- but to go out and have a beautiful meal, made by someone else, with multiple courses, adult convo, serious canoodling & wine?! 
we enjoyed the charcuterie plate of salami, pate, and condiments (facemeat!);
i had an incredible salade landaise:
seared foie gras "croutons", duck confit, frisée, deglazed xeres vinegar 
and then the sea scallops au gratin app 
as my main course. mmmmm... 
just like i like my men: rich & delicious.
david (see above) had the steamed PEI mussels poulette; they were exquisite.
we drank delicious wine--can't remember what it was, it was that good!--and had no room for least not at the restaurant. 
amuse is winning. 
(bonus points for having a female chef du cuisine, noelle thomas!)
thanks, scoutmob!

the rest of our weekend was gorgeous.

(that mexican corn was the jam, y'all. for reals. big sister hooked it up. chipotle, feta, and a homemade lime mayo...mmm! tons of margarita flavors--in addition to the not pictured rosa mexicano's guacamole, which very well may be the best you ever tasted--courtesy of little bro & sis n law (thanks, guys! fantastic job. per usual), fish tacos w all kinds of yummy toppings thanks to the rents & a pretty fruit salad. my lame, yet tasty, contribution. i know--i kind of copped out here, but with easter, husband in town, and showers and party planning out the arse, i had good reason. 
anywho... try that corn! really. its insanely good.

til later, taters. 

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