Saturday, April 30, 2011

royally obsessed.

forgive me for posting what i'm sure is the millionth write-up of the royal wedding, 
but i just can't help myself. 
its all so... romantic! magical! 
a real life fairytale!

while i attempt to write like a lady, not a 12-yr old squealy little girl (eeeek!)... 
my tele has been on all day long, and not just in the family room; in my bedroom too! 
i've been watching the versions (yup. 2.) i recorded on dvr here and there, while simultaneously researching and watching and reading on line. 
all. day. long. 
i simply adore the (ahem) pomp & circumstance of the entire thing... 
the calvalry, the carriages, the couture! (thanks, bob!)
the pure majesty of every moment. 
i imagine what catherine must be feeling, what this time in her life must be like. (yeah, i'm that girl.) 
and because i'm a mom i think how especially sad it is that diana is gone, at such a hugely important landmark in her son's life. 
her presence was most definitely palpable throughout today's events, of course. it was lovely.

i adored having a front row seat 
to the royal wedding.
(thank you, news media...nudge nudge)
it felt as though we were on the list.

can't stop thinking about this:
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(good LORD, becks; you don't really want to have a 4th child with her, do you? 
don't you want to hopelessly yearn for an unavailable mum of 2 instead?! #gorgeous #presidentofmytopfive)

oh, and the wedding!
the fashion? (the DRESS.) beyond.
bravo, sarah burton for alexander mcqueen. 
just brilliant.

the rides? vintage. (and horses.)

the kiss? adorably modest; perfectly royal. twice!

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the music:
a complete dream. i have always fantasized about having a boys' choir sing at my wedding. sigh... 

oh! love the royal salute:
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did you know that kate's perfectly sweet, petite bouquet had, among other more traditional wedding flowers, something called sweet william

is that not the most romantic, thoughtful touch?! 
i die for details like these! 
for more details on the bouquet--and some very interesting background on the flowers themselves, and the royal wedding bouquet's history, seriously--go to the official website.

there was also a little hat parade.
(via radaronline)
go here for a full review.
love em or hate em, they were definitely 
something to talk about! 
personally, i love a hat, and quite honestly look for occasions to wear them.
when will the US embrace the hat?!

there was also a cake:
(via cnn)
fiona cairns and her uber talented team created this stunning 8-tiered cake, with cream and white icing (and edible gold leaf? i'm guessing?)
that is said to have a different flavor on each tier. 
i'll bet it tastes like heaven on a golden plate, straight up.

...and there are stamps, y'all.
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guys. if you've made it this far you're either gay or your female made you read it. 
or you're related to me. or stalking me. whichever...
having trouble understanding just what it is with us ladies and all things wedding? 
especially royal wedding???

one of my hilarious guy friends, mike, compared it to the nfl draft. he says we (the girls) want to see what dress she wears; they (the dudes) want to see what jerseys their favorite players will wear. 
we have prince william; they have prince amukamara of the new york giants.
we have kate middleton. they have middle linebackers. then there was something about not giving them a hard time about watching the draft all weekend because its "their royal wedding"... 
i dunno. i stopped paying attention at that point. 
(ha. thanks, MR!)

all this wedding talk also reminds me that this must happen:

(finally! a female-driven comedy with a ridiculously awesome cast! see, of course, kristen wiig (first maccruber, now this?! YES!), melissa mccarthy (DYING over her character; i worked w her on life as we know it and she is gorgeous, completely sweet and hilarious.) and more... can't. wait. 
jenny, when we goin!?

while the wedding is incredibly, over-the-top fabulous, one can't help but ache, feeling the tragic irony in alabama's recent devestation. 
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please keep these people & their community in your hearts, thoughts and prayers... and if you can, 
your wallet. 
go here to donate. make a difference.
local? one-up those money baggers by 

for sit-up britain, 
i'm bridget jones.


  1. I went from hating the whole wedding BS to LOVING IT!!! I watched 4 hours of dvred wedding today!