Tuesday, April 26, 2011

current events 4/11

music i'm listening to now...
badass natalia kills

check out the 2nd &4th samples here...sickness! makes me wanna dance. 

who isn't obsessed with adele?
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...if you aren't, get to it! (boys, this means you.)

also kind of having a fashion-inspired moment with the fleetwood mac rumors album & some vintage goodness courtesy of my gf elton.
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coincidentally i find myself very much in need of some ultra tall uggs circa 2004, capezio dance wear,  a serious blowout, and a cockatoo. 

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(not or two, cockatoo. geez.) 

women, food, and god:
an unexpected path to almost anything
by geneen roth

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yes, i realize how "archetypal female" this sounds.  no, i don't care. 
my reading material of late seems to be more 
of the scented, glossy variety than the hardback 
with big words and no pictures kind. 
time to step up my game.

the funniest series i've seen on youtube in a long while. i have honestly been laughing for an hour and just about peed my skirt over these. 
brilliant f-i-v-e part series 
(because after you watch the first one you're going to be begging for a second...and third...!)
of readings of scripts from the jersey shore done in the style of oscar wilde. 
are you ready to howl? its comedic effing genius

that should sufficiently get you through the week.
(now go watch parts 2, 3, 4, & 5! 
so far 2 is my fave.)

thanks for reading, you guys. it means a lot to me!
ps. i really do love your comments/constructive criticism, so please feel free to say anything 
(and i mean it) in the comments section. 
this is a safe place. i have an open door policy. 
it works if you work it.  
now, tell me about your mother...

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  1. So you're saying you want to wear gigundus sunglasses, a pirate shirt with bell sleeves and laces, a vest, and a skirt that looks like it was eaten by a lawnmover?
    Ever think of being a carney at the Renaissance festival?
    Okaaay, what soes would you wear with that?