Thursday, April 7, 2011

Travel w kids!

she's baaaaaaack....!

hi y'all!
my apologies for taking so long in getting this post out!  traveling solo with my girls and getting to our sandy destination exhausted and happy left me with no time to make it happen.
ok, that and the fact that i forgot my wireless card at the hizzy in atl... but that's neither here nor there.

because right now, i'm here.

***alert: please be advised this is somewhat of a mom-post. i promise, singles/nonparentals, i will have some good stuff for you in the next few days. hang in there. though this post may be worth reading on my acerbic wit and genius alone.***

i got a bunch of questions on twitter yesterday about traveling with kids; i do have a few tricks up my sleeve, but really, for me, its all about preparation! (and infant benadryl!)

here is what i'm packin in my mama tool belt:
(if anything, its a louis wallet belt, not some ridic fanny pack. give me some credit, people.)

Travel w kids!

having healthy(ish) snacks on hand is crucial; otherwise i'll end up eating all the fast food/gas station crap i buy with the "intention" of giving to them. and we don't need that. trust me.

clementine cuties are awesome; they can peel 'em themselves (woohoo! i'm soooooo big!), & they're seedless & healthy. yay. i also feel much better about myself when i feed my kids "healthy" junk food: organic gummies, white cheddar cheese pirate's booty (i enjoy saying it way too much not to give it to them!), and horizon organic milk boxes. these boxes are like crack to my kids, and starbucks sells 'em. you probably already know this if you are a starbeezies junkie like me, but if you didn't,
you're welcome.

of course i have dvd players! they are a godsend, and an absolute must for any traveling parent. mine connect, so i can put one dvd in for them both to watch, or they can watch different movies--but still have yet to spring for the bose noise cancelling headphones i want to get for them. ha.
*we watched disney's new movie, tangled. if you haven't seen it, go. it is my favorite disney movie by far, and doesn't make your eyes bleed.*

i pack their backpacks with books from home for the trip; they flip through them during the ride, and enjoy reading them (a comfort of routine from home thing) while we're away. crucial.
i also put a few of their fave, packable toys
in the front pockets. 
barbie wouldn't be caught dead stuck at the manse while we're on holiday. that hussy.
(ken is at a "men's retreat" in the desert.
anyone who's not an idiot knows this means a vegas bachelor party. am i right?)

bunny (my 5 year old, and no, that's not her real name) is obsessed with her pillow pet, and--as if those damn commercials don't already make me want to cut myself--birdie (the 2 y.o.) has been begging for one for months. 
as much as they chap my ass, they are a convenient way to travel with a pillow and maybe even a blanket or pj's rolled up inside. 

hats and sunnies are travel essentials for me (more on that tomorrow) as well as the girls. it always sucks to be the one stuck with the sun on your side the whole time.

once the novelty of everything else wears off, or just for a change of pace, having one of those travel writing desks is awesome. there is a place to hold markers & crayons as well as paper, coloring books, etc. the girls love it.
and, because it saves my sanity, i love it, too.

hope you are enjoying your week, wherever you are. so funny that spring break means something so different for me these days than it used to.
and i'm kinda thankful for that. cause at the end of the day, i'm really just too tired for another year of bikini contests at club la vela.  
*though if you wanted to whisk me away to fiji, st. john, the whitsundays (it doesn't suck. i would go again.), st. barths, st. croix (you know who you are...:) i wouldn't protest.
going to finish my cocktail and nurse my sunburn.
feel free to spank me about that later. ouch.



  1. The question is: WHERE ARE YOU?!?!

  2. Oh. Em. Geee. I'm crying! Club La Vela?! Really?! Ugh! I feel like there is sand behind my eyeballs thinking of that place! (Some places really are better forgotten.)
    This post is so incredibly YOU. (Damn it! Why won't this italicize?!Agh!) You even out Bunny's backpack in the mood board! Who does that?!
    I can only say I wish I was there, too!

    Extra bonus: going to the beach provides time without blinky shoes.

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  4. where are you? and hurry home so i can punch you.

  5. j--if i was up your high & tight ass you'd know it! ;) beach house. next time you're coming with me. lets make out soon.