Tuesday, April 12, 2011

stop! hammer time.

it feels good, when you know you're down
with a superdope homegirl from the a-town...

(via anewmode)

this just happened. 

(via h&m)

...procured from my local h&m for the 
wee price of $17! 

lets just hope i can look like this:
(via h&m)

instead of this:
(via balleralert. i'll say.)

i will definitely post pics when i decide 
to wear them in public. 
so you can either 
marvel at how incredibly chic i am, 
or degrade my style with wild abandon. 

i mean, hell, if she can wear them...
(via hippiedeluxe)

so can i? 

what are your thoughts on harem hammer pants?
i'm just hoping they're an alternative to jeans/juicy sweats/a mumu... cause some days they seem like my only options. and we can't be having that.

while you ponder, 
just for a second lets all do the bump...



  1. Just bought a tiny blue pair from Target for The Pea.

    (They're in the girls' dept if you three want to match.)

  2. no marler. they're the equivalent of a keep calm poster.

  3. oh lord. what. have. i. done?! (forgot to preface the beachy pics w the fact that i swore i would NEVER dress my kids to match... and while that isn't exactly true now--as evidenced by their waaay matching pink tutu bathing suits, ha!--i try not to do that too much. really.) but raina, i about peeed my skirt when i read that. YES. i must buy us all some now and then i can take the girls to get triple venti frappucinos, then acrylic nails, maybe cap our teeth, and then enter them into a baby beauty pageant...ok, i went off the deep end there. shocker. but the visual is just too much! (you all wouldn't be interested in getting matching pants too, would you?!)
    j--i'm scared! i don't want to keep calm! i barely want to carry on! i just want to find some gd pants that are chic yet not jeans yet comfy yet... ok. i admit it. i love the hammer.